About Us

BERAA (BER Assessors Association of Ireland) was formed in 2009, shortly after the launch of the BER program in Ireland. BERAA is a voluntary organisation – it has an Annual General Meeting each year which elects officers to run the association activities for the upcoming year. The primary objective of BERAA is to represent the interests of its Members in ongoing dialogue with SEAI and other stakeholders. BERAA is committed to informing its Members of any impending changes in relevant legislation or work practices, and to ensuring that its Members receive necessary briefings/training as needs arise.

Mission Statement

BERAA is committed to engaging constructively with all stakeholders to ensure that the key role of the Assessor profession is fully appreciated and respected.

BERAA is committed to ensuring that all its members receive adequate training and guidance in order to deliver the highest possible standard of service delivery to its customers.

BERAA is committed to opening up new opportunities for Assessors that will drive the required energy transition in Ireland.

BERAA is committed to engaging with relevant stakeholders to create a positive working environment that will be attractive & professional rewarding for existing Assessors and new entrants alike.


BERAA Vision 1: A near-term scenario whereby the perception of a BER assessment is primarily geared towards identification of opportunities to decarbonise the built environment, not just the production of a Certificate that enable a property transaction.

BERAA Vision 2: A near-term significant expansion of the roles of Building Energy Ratings/Assessors as envisaged under the Climate Action Plan (Actions 44, 45, 46, 50, 55 & 64).

BERAA Vision 3: A near-term scenario whereby the professional standing of BER Assessors achieves parity of esteem with the other professional construction/surveying disciplines.

BERAA Vision 4: An ongoing scenario whereby Assessor representation is assured in ongoing consideration of matters that impact on their work practices and livelihoods.

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